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This blog is going to be about our adventures with letterboxing. We just found out about this fun family activitiy and hope to find many letterboxes this upcoming Spring/Summer Season.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sun Came out - Finished Where the Wild Things are PICTURES!

Finally it warmed up a bit and the sun actually came out!!  So after Tom got home from work we packed up our letterboxing stuff and headed back to John Ball park to finish our letterboxing quest - Where the Wild things are -- below I'm just going to post a bunch of pictures we took while finding the last two boxes - FUN EVENING!!  I would suggest this quest to anyone with kids over 5, also would make a great FREE date for couples, or go with friends -  Have kids under 5?  Just be ready to carry your children while trying not to fall yourself as you traverse up and down some steep hills, and stollers won't make it here..  BONUS - there is a "hidden" playground at the top of the 130 stairs :)  PS I am just learning about blogging and how pictures format, so please forgive my not so perfect placement of pictures while I learn
 Isabelle and Savanna headed up the 130 steps as instructed to begin where the wild things are :)

 So cool to see all these daffodils out and everything else still brown and asleep in the forest

 This part of the quest read:  "walk the plank"  FUN!

 Searching, trying to decide which way to go
 Tom rereads the clue while the girls listen and we retraced our steps 
 Found the "Big Belly Tree"  - there was a tree with a big hole in the trunk, the girls look inside a little afraid to reach in the deep hole filled with bugs and stuff
 Found a LetterBox!! - pictured below is the box
 The girls opened the box and did their stamping, this one was another monster stamp from the book Where the Wild things are - So cute!  And then they put the letterbox back together carefully and hid it back in the same spot for the next letterboxers who come along :)

 We followed the last clues/instructions and finally found the last letterbox in this series.  It contained the cute notebook below for letterbox finders to leave their stamp.  It was fun to look thru the book and see who had arleady found this letterbox and read their comments etc. 

We left our stamps 4/21/11 -- See if you can find this letter box and look for our stamps in the notebook!!

Well that is all for now and already today the sun went away and it is kind of raining outside - Hope it warms up soon.  We are thinking we will go to Aman park for our next letterbox Adventure...I'll be sure to post the next time we go out!

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