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This blog is going to be about our adventures with letterboxing. We just found out about this fun family activitiy and hope to find many letterboxes this upcoming Spring/Summer Season.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cole Memorial Park - Marne MI - Nascar 101

After searching just a little on http://www.letterboxing.org/ we found the closest plant of letterboxes to us was in Cole park in Marne.  So we decided to try it.  The boxes were planted in September 2007, so it was a long shot. 

The plant was called Nascar 101 and planters trail name was camper stampers - he set up his clues with a questions/choices about nascar facts for example: if this person won this race, go five steps this way or if he didn't win walk over to the short tree stump etc.

Upon arriving we followed the clues and this park was very easy to navigate and the clues did match up with landmarks, trees etc. but unforunately we did not find any letterboxes, they were all missing.  If the boxes had been there it would have been a fairly easy "quest" and only would've take 15-20minutes for the average family to find them.  No major hiking skills required...  Oh well....

My plan is to rate all the letterbox adventures, so that if you'd like to try some out you'll know what you are getting into - also you'll know if the boxes are really there or not...  I also plan to bring our camera on the next letterboxing adventure we take and post some pictures..

Our first quest was on Tuesday, then on Wednesday we went to John Ball park, near downtown Grand Rapids - I'll post about that adventure next ~

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